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Big Field Digital Academy is an initiative with the aim of contributing to the development of young people in this digital age. We equip our trainees with the most sought-after industry digital skills and focus on helping them leverage practical experiences to make them job-ready at the point of course completion.

To provide young people with quality practical digital skills training that increases their prospect of creating and advancing their impact in the digital economy.

To equip 1 Million young Africans with outcome-driven in-demand professional digital skills that impact their productivity, innovative mindset, and profit companies they work with or their personal businesses.

Young, Approachable, and Ready to Help

Our Experienced Tutors are:

Moses Adetola

Senior Training Instructor

Moses is a digitally-minded disruptive organisational IT specialist focused on the intersections between the possibilities of technological innovation and 21st-century business’s central need for adaptability. A driven entrepreneur, who has created, developed and sold successful SaaS products., he is an experienced IT Consultant and leader who can bridge the gaps between IT development and business growth whilst cutting costs and creating a culture of innovation and improvement.

As the Founder and CEO of Big Field Digital, an award-winning full-service digital agency in Nigeria that provides end-to-end digital marketing and software engineering solutions to startups and blue-chip companies across the globe, he has overseen over a hundred projects successfully from simple to complex websites, UI/Graphics, web and mobile application projects and has grown the team from just himself to a group of 15 young and talented professionals. Moses loves harnessing technology to help imbue forward-thinking businesses with an incredibly powerful range of services that translates business needs into effective and efficient IT programs and strategies.

Campbell Edward

Senior Training Instructor

Edward is the Head of Software Engineering at Big Field Digital. He has executed several Machine Learning and Data Science projects, and serves as an IT Consultant for several private businesses in Lagos and Abuja. He has created several exciting projects for many startup businesses including Byteout, Buypower.ng, Gomax.ng, Gaspower, and has also received multiple awards from the Federal Government of Nigeria. Edward spends most of his time using technology to solve real-life problems.

Adebayo Egbetade

Senior Training Instructor

Bayo is a certified online advertising professional who is passionate about helping brands build their online presence. He maximises organisational profit with the use of creative ideas and strategies that help grow leads and increase conversions. He possesses hands-on experience in Search Engine Optimisation (YouTube SEO inclusive), analytics and paid ads such as: search and display ads, social media marketing. He was the Middle East and Africa winner of the 2017 Google Online Marketing Challenge AdWords Certification Award Category.

Presently, Bayo is the Head of Digital Marketing at Big Field Digital where he helps brands to scale with digital technology. In 5 years, he has worked with over 100 brands in different sectors which includes but not limited to agriculture, fashion, gaming, entertainment, real estate, food, and manufacturing.

Shakirah Usman

Senior Training Instructor

Shakira is a Front-end and WordPress Developer, skilled in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress customisation, and Theme Development. She has over 3 years of experience in crafting beautiful user interfaces based on modern web development standards. She is passionate about helping clients develop responsive personal or corporate websites.

Adefisayo Adeniji

Senior Training Instructor

Fisayo is a Full-Stack Software Engineer with a speciality in MERN Stack (MongoDB, Express, React and Nodejs). Within his over 2 years of experience, he has built awesome and functional apps using ReactJS. Asides from building applications, he has a deep passion for teaching and sharing knowledge with other young Developers.

He also has the ability to break down complex concepts to tiny bits to help beginners fully understand how things work.

Stacy Ketiku

Senior Training Instructor

Stacy is a wordsmith with over two (2) years of experience in Copywriting and Email Marketing. She enjoys using storytelling techniques to write copies and social media content that nurtures, converts and retains clients. Stacy has worked with over 20 brands at home and abroad creating user-friendly content for their websites, blogs, social media, email campaigns, digital ads, brochures, billboards, banners, and flyers.

In 2019 she hosted a webinar where she trained business owners in the UK on how to get started with email marketing. She has also edited two books ‘Social Media is Your New CV’ by Yemisi Ajeojo and ‘Masked’ by Emmanuel Odunfa. Stacy has the hands-on experience to help newbie content marketers acquire the relevant skills to become valuable and earn much more.

Timilehin Oyelami

Senior Training Instructor

Oyelami Timilehin specialises in Graphic Design, 3D Design, Product Design, and UI/UX Design. With more than five (5) years of experience in creating designs for brands and products, he is keen on creating undisputed satisfaction for clients by providing top-notch designs for diverse projects. He studied Industrial Design at the Federal University of Technology, Akure.
So far, he has been able to work with more than 50 brands in Nigeria and abroad, some of such brands include Taurus Energy and Arabesko. He enjoys playing video games and watching movies. He is very interested in imparting knowledge to others and creating a world full of amazing designers.

Ayandola Ayanleke

Senior Training Instructor

Dola is a Content Writer with more than 5 years of experience writing personal and brand stories. She started professionally as a Blogger and Freelance Writer before gaining employment where she grew and maximised her skill. Altogether she has worked with more than 50 clients and brands to improve their brand perception and increase their brand awareness. With her experience in content creation, content management, and other digital content creation tools, she tells relatable stories that speak to clients’ audiences.

A lover of books, she is an author of a novel titled, ‘Wrong but Right’ with more on the works and she has edited several other pieces. Dola sees herself as a writer who wants to make an impact through the power of the pen and she enjoys knowledge transfer with other passionate writers like herself, especially those interested in getting value out of their passion.

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