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Enhancing Your Team’s Digital Skills is a Step in the Right Direction

Here’s an opportunity to experience all-round productivity within your organisation and boost your employees’ skills to a whole new level. Big Field Digital Academy lets you take advantage of our experienced digital professionals to address your digital challenges. We help you solve complex issues for your brand in the areas of digital tech, marketing, communications, and the use of digital tools for business operations.

Whether you are a small, medium, large/multinational company of varying staff strength, investing in digital skills training for your employees brings more returns for your business. This means, apart from getting them to perform their task more professionally, they stay aligned with the evolving digital trends and are knowledgeable about how certain changes impact your customers, their behaviours, and your mode of operations.

Less than 25% of employees have the digital capabilities required to achieve business outcomes

Today, about 49% of business revenue is being influenced by digital tech

With our training programme, we help organisations develop in-house digital tech teams who can solve digital marketing and tech related-issues in line with your business objectives. Besides that, most ambitious employees seek to work with companies that make room for personal growth and development. Take advantage of this to attract individuals who are willing to learn, grow, and use their skills to move your business forward.

Remember, customers only patronise you because they think you can solve their problems; so train your staff to do so flawlessly. To meet your organisational goals and bring your vision to reality, you need to address the challenges facing your employees in the implementation of their primary duties. Hiring a full-time in-house digital team is quite expensive and even if you have this team in place, you must consistently expose them to learn about the changes and development in their field.

That’s exactly what our digital skills training is here to do. We quickly help you correct prevailing and unforeseen issues facing your brand. Our goal is to ensure that your organisation operates effectively and efficiently with the aid of digital technology. We want you to conquer all roadblocks preventing you from experiencing growth as a corporate organisation. We believe you can achieve more with a digitally skilled team on your side.

Our Approach

Simple, Tailored, and Effective Approach.

All our training programmes can be customised to meet the needs of your organisation and employees alike. We’ll propose a programme schedule that works best for you and key segments in your organisation, be it first-line staff, supervisors, managers and even directors.

Our approach is very simple. At our discovery session, we identify your unique needs then come up with a tailored programme based on your needs. Afterwards, we deliver the practical training sessions to your staff in alignment with their schedule and in a measurable manner. We also go a step further to provide after training support for our corporate trainees.

Tailored to your specifications, you can opt-in for our virtual or in-office training sessions which is usually delivered within a day or two depending on the course(s).

Corporate Training Programmes

Here’s a full rundown of our available corporate training courses.

- Digital Marketing Strategy
- Data Science For Business
- Social Media Marketing for Businesses and Organisations
- Social Media for Executives
- Social Media for Business Growth
- Corporate Website and Digital Asset Maintenance
- Content Marketing (with a focus on Email and Copywriting)
- Google Marketing Tools (Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google My Business)
- Cloud Software Solutions and Storage, File Sharing, Backup, and Best Practices
- Essential Digital Communication Skills for Corporate Employees
- Online Marketing Software (Mailchimp, Hootsuite/Buffer, SEMRush etc, Facebook Business Manager)
- Innovative Thinking for Driving Corporate Objectives
- Using Virtual Tools for Effective Meetings and Communications
- Digital Tools to Boost Project Management and Productivity Among Employees
- Team Communication and Collaboration with Digital Tools like Slack and Trello
- Online Communication Best Practices
- Turning Your Employees into Brand Ambassadors for Your Brand
- Time Management and Productivity using Digital Tools and Best Practices
- Digital Marketing for Brand Growth
- Microsoft Excel for Managers
- Internet and Computer Basics

Why Train With Us?

Corporate training programmes delivered by hands-on experts.

- We are extremely responsive
- Minimal overhead cost applies
- Our hands-on experts tailor your course content to suit your needs.
- Our training programmes are practical, expert-led, and case study-driven
- We offer after training support.

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