This course is prepared for those who seek to explore, launch a career, or update their knowledge of this field. The course content will give answers to questions like: What is Digital Marketing? What are the forms of Digital Marketing? How can I develop a Digital Marketing Strategy? What career paths are available for me in this field? Etc. This course will improve your career prospects in digital marketing, and contribute to your personal development.

This Social Media Marketing course will enable participants to develop a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter marketing strategy, launch compelling marketing campaigns to drive leads/increase brand awareness and review and optimise performance. You’ll learn how to effectively reach and communicate with your customers using social media, the importance of engagement with a brand and how to set-up campaigns that people will be buzzing about for a long time to come.

The foundation of any building project determines the stability and how high it can go. The same is true for programming, this in-depth course provides the fundamental knowledge you will need to get started in any language. We will use Javascript to explore all the foundational concepts in programming. By the time you’re through with this course, you will be able to write your first web application and you will be able to understand what is going on behind the scenes of any program.

Enrolling for this course will equip you with practical knowledge on how to design websites that are beautiful, responsive, and intuitive. You will be introduced to the fundamentals of web development, how to structure your website and also create responsive designs. This course is meant for beginners looking to start building their websites, this means that no previous web development knowledge is required to participate in this programme.

User Interface and User Experience Design is a highly sought-after field, but the skills and knowledge you will learn in this specialization apply to a wide variety of careers, from marketing to web design to human-computer interaction, and more. This course will take you through practical classes to acquire knowledge on Typography, Heuristics, Usability, and UI Iterations, Continuity and Branding in UX/UI Design, as well as Iconography.

Many brands are looking for Graphic Designers to turn their ideas into a visually-appealing representation of their brand, ranging from designing company logos, assisting architects, to creating beautiful art for social media and other online or offline platforms. In this course, you’ll learn about the fundamentals of Graphic Design, including colour theory, imagery, typography, and composition. We will walk you through each of these fundamental elements and their best practices.

Course Overview Have you ever heard the saying, “content is king”? While you might think it is cliché, there is no denying that content drives the digital marketing world. No matter how good a digital marketing strategy is, if the content is crappy, it will amount to nothing. This is…

Learn to create digital marketing strategies that work. Discover and specialise in your desired DM field.


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