Entrepreneurial Skills For Starting and Growing A Business

Course Overview

Starting a new business can be overwhelming, intimidating, and requires a lot of skills and experience. Aside from the challenges posed by environmental factors, being a small business owner also translates to being able to wear multiple hats especially in the early years of your venture. This entrepreneurial skills course is a real-life experience and case study-driven approach to starting and growing a business in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Apart from possessing the technical skills needed for the implementation of your business idea, this course is designed to help participants develop the entrepreneurial mindset and resilience to not just start a business but also grow and sustain it.

Getting an MBA is a brilliant move any entrepreneur will swiftly embrace. But truthfully, there is a gap between what is taught during such programmes and the reality of business operations and management. This course has been structured to fill that gap. The tutor of this course is a young experienced entrepreneur with a proven track record of growth and he will be presenting to you the practicality and undiluted reality of running a business in Nigeria. Here, some of the most pressing challenges you face while constructing the framework for your business will be discussed.

This course covers vital topics in the business creation process like mindset development, ideation, planning, action, and strategy. If you haven’t launched your business yet, this course will ensure you carry out the groundwork required for a successful business launch. If your venture is already up and running, repositioning it for maximum growth and expansion is never a bad idea.

This programme aims at equipping aspiring and budding African entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills, and advice needed to navigate various aspects of starting, managing, marketing, and accounting for their small business. Entrepreneurial Skills for Starting and Growing a Business is an ideal programme for anyone who wants to start a business in a field like Business Consulting, Freelance Web Designing or Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing Agency, IT Products or Software Development, Content Marketing and Media Consultancy, Social Media and PR Consultancy, Marketing Service Providers, E-commerce Outlet Owners, and other individuals who wish to start a business but just don’t know how to go about it.

Participation in this programme requires a passion and interest for business/entrepreneurship, a desire to solve business-related problems, tolerance and adaptability, tenacity and dedication to work hard and achieve course learning objectives, and proficiency in the English Language.

During this course,

You will learn:

  • How to develop an entrepreneurial mindset
  • How to start and grow your business in Africa
  • To find a problem worth solving and define your target audience
  • How to develop a workable business plan
  • How to raise funds for your business
  • How to develop a winning pricing strategy as well as increase your income and profit margin
  • To build an effective team and keep them motivated
  • The essential leadership skills to develop
  • How to create a thriving creative physical environment
  • Entrepreneurial lessons from 10 years in Business (Tutor’s bonus session)

At the end of this course,

You will be able to:

  • Develop a blueprint and roadmap for your business before and after its launch
  • Tackle the harsh realities and embrace opportunities while doing business in Africa
  • Understand clients and deal with them appropriately
  • Develop a Minimum Viable Product/Service (MVP)
  • Develop a competitive advantage for your business
  • Leverage technology tools and resources to build and sustain your business
  • Market your business with limited resources
  • Say no without leaving bad blood.

Additional information

Course Fee: ₦200,000
Duration: 5 weeks (Weekends Only)
Early Bird discount: 20%, expires by 20th December 2021

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Course Tutor

Moses Adetola

Senior Training Instructor

Moses is a digitally-minded disruptive organisational IT specialist focused on the intersections between the possibilities of technological innovation and 21st-century business’s central need for adaptability. A driven entrepreneur, who has created, developed and sold successful SaaS products., he is an experienced IT Consultant and leader who can bridge the gaps between IT development and business growth whilst cutting costs and creating a culture of innovation and improvement.

As the Founder and CEO of Big Field Digital, an award-winning full-service digital agency in Nigeria that provides end-to-end digital marketing and software engineering solutions to startups and blue-chip companies across the globe, he has overseen over a hundred projects successfully from simple to complex websites, UI/Graphics, web and mobile application projects and has grown the team from just himself to a group of 15 young and talented professionals. Moses loves harnessing technology to help imbue forward-thinking businesses with an incredibly powerful range of services that translates business needs into effective and efficient IT programs and strategies.

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